Friday, April 3, 2009

In Honor or Memory

"Remembering is an act of resurrection, each repetition a vital layer of mourning, in memory of those we are sure to meet again."
~Nancy Cobb, in "In Lieu of Flowers"

If you’re looking for another way to get involved in Yoga Unites® for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, look no further. How about donating or starting a fundraising team in honor or memory of someone? It could be a family member, a friend or a member of your community. Once you donate to a team or individual, your donation will be displayed on their fundraising page for all who visit the page to see. What a way to recognize those you care about!

Several people, including a group of LBBC staff members, have started fundraising teams in honor or memory of loved ones. For example, LBBC has formed a fundraising team in honor of our Helpline volunteers. And in turn, our team has received donations in honor or memory of other loved ones. Remember my last blog entry about the circle of giving and living? You get the idea.

Whether you’re making a donation in honor or memory of an individual, or just making a donation, we are thankful for your support. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us get one step closer to our goal of raising $100,000 for education and support programs for women affected by breast cancer. For more information on making a donation, or for other ways to get involved, please visit our
Web site. You can also email or check us out on Facebook!

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