Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living in the Moment

"Learn to be genuine in every moment of your life."
--Chogyan Trungpa

This quote reminds me of a common saying: “Live in the moment.” But what does that really mean? And what does it mean to be genuine and live in the moment?

For me, it means giving my time and effort to support others. For many of the women who attended Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Young Survival Coalition’s 9th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer, it means appreciating each day. For others, it means focusing on relationships. And for most, it means getting involved in a cause that’s important to them.

Judging from the increase in fundraising teams (3 new teams in the past 4 days), it seems like many are choosing Yoga Unites® for Living Beyond Breast Cancer (YU4LBBC) as their way of living in the moment. The effort our teams have put into raising funds and awareness is a great example of being genuine by supporting others. And through raising funds and getting the word out, our teams are helping hundreds--whether diagnosed with breast cancer or not--improve their quality of life through the healing effects of yoga. Rather than thinking of it as a circle of giving, think of it as a circle of living.

We hope you’ll consider living in the moment with us on Sunday, May 17. What better way to do that than by watching the sunrise while performing yoga on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? You can get more information on YU4LBBC a number of different ways. Check us out on Facebook (we’re up to almost 400 members!) and at our newly-launched Web site. You can also follow us on Twitter at YU4LBBC. And if you want to create your own YU4LBBC team, contact Lauren Ainsworth at

That’s all for this week. Remember to share your stories with us by posting a comment here or by joining our discussions on Facebook. And get your friends involved! It’s always more fun to live in the moment with others right beside you.

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