Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yoga is more than a pose

This entry was written by Erica Bleznak of JAI! Yoga in Haverford, Pa. She lead LBBC’s first Barefoot Ball in December. Erica notes that Yoga is intertwined with many elements that encourage you to give more to your community. Start giving back to your community by participating in Yoga on the Steps!

A guiding principle of the yoga practice lays in the practice of Seva; the word Seva in Sanskrit means, “to be of service”. When people think of Yoga, they think of people stretching their bodies, or even of people standing on their heads; the posture practice of yoga, called Asana, is a very small part of the practice of Yoga. Much of the practice lays in other elements and one of those is in providing selfless service to to others. It was an honor to provide Seva in the form of leading a Barefoot Ball practice for LBBC at the Ardmore Toyota dealership last December. At our yoga studio JAI! in Haverford, we have taken the journey with many of our students who been diagnosed with breast cancer; we have traveled with them on their yoga mats from diagnosis, treatment, surgeries and recovery.

Our yoga community has been truly inspired by their tremendous courage, fortitude and strength. As Yogis we are expected that our practice moves beyond our yoga mats; we cultivate qualities of compassion so that we can move beyond our “selves” to share these gifts with others. Along with Seva, there is a behavioral code in Yoga known as the Niyamas. One of the Niyamas is Dana; Dana means to give without expecting anything in return. It is when we give without the need to be recognized or praised. You give without intentions to receive anything. In reality though, you receive the most! Know that with selfless service (Seva) and Dana (giving without the need for recognition) that you and your Yoga have broken the boundaries of just the physical practice and that now you are living your Yoga!

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