Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Never done yoga before? No problem!

This entry was written by Yarissa Reyes, our Marketing & Communications Manager:

When I first heard about Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer I must admit I was a little intimated by the thought of hundreds of people doing a yoga class on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Doing weird poses in front of strangers? No thank you.

I always thought of yoga as something spiritual people did to get in touch with their inner self, you know the whole meditation thing. The more I learned about the event, however, the more intrigued I became. I started reading some of the blog entries and talked with numerous people who had participated in years past. Everyone had one thing in common to say: You have to try it!

When I saw pictures of the event from previous years, I was in awe. It’s inspiring to see so many people together in unity – men, women, children, teens, young ones and not so young – all together for one great cause. Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer is unique in that you don’t have to run or walk, you need not be in excellent physical shape to participate, all you need is to be there and breathe.

What I’m looking forward to the most is seeing everyone together in a sense of community, a community of support for women affected by breast cancer.

Something else that is inspiring is the banner that is signed by everyone in honor of, in support of, in memory of… When the event is over, the banner is filled with names and pictures and signatures. It’s a vivid reminder that we’re all touched by cancer in some way.

I can’t wait until May 16. I’m looking forward to taking my little corner on the steps of the Museum with my husband, my two daughters, friends and family. I want to take lots of pictures so I can share with those who aren’t able to make it to this year’s event but who are supporting me in my efforts of raising money for LBBC.

If you have doubts about taking part in this event, I invite you to read the other blog posts, take a look at the photos and video and join the online community on Facebook. I promise you that you’ll want to try it too!

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